he has spoken over us a new name: Oaks of righteousness

We believe that the church exists to be the vehicle of Hope and the message of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom to the world.  We believe it is the mandate of the church to love and care for those not just in our church but in our city. It is in this space of liberating liturgies and sacramental fire that  followers of Jesus can be challenged, inspired and empowered in Pentecostal peacemaking.

Our desire is to be a church where you can come and encounter the genuine presence of God in a tangible way, that inspires in us a hope for the future, develops a desire to seek God and build relationship with him, and seek first his Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven, where you are part of Gods plan to bless and rebuild this city.

In Jesus' manifesto in Luke 4/ Isaiah 61, the heart of God is for His people to reach and help those in need, "the good news to the poor, freedom for the oppressed, sight to the blind". The passage teaches of the restoration that follows and the establishing of those who were previously the lost and needy, as pillars of strength, righteousness and integrity. A Canopy of his Beauty.

Out of every hurt can come a great testimony of God's restoration, and out of your testimony, hope rises for others. This is at the core of who we want to be as a church. This is who we are and who we want to become.

Core Values

Our vision and values have been gleaned from  Isaiah 61:1-12

Community/Communion - Surrendering our way for His way, serving each other, our church, our neighbour, the stranger and even our enemies (like Jesus teaches) in genuine and practical ways. Effective discipleship and facilitating growth, restoration and releasing you into Gods plans and purposes.

Compassion – We seek to demonstrate the love and character of God. Loving like God first loved us.  Where you are welcome, you are included and all are provided for to the best of our ability. 

  Commission - Seeking to be a picture of Gods good future, a Kingdom of diversity and equality, inclusive and cohesive where belonging leads to a better kind of being, where we can practice living Calvary-shaped love.