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Alta 1 Education

We are privileged to partner with a leading organisation in our nation to deliver a vital and effective program for the young people who are disadvantaged, disconnected or at risk in our community.

Alta-1 operates a school that provides an alternative education programme for young people between the ages of 15 and 19 years. The programme enables young people who are not suited to mainstream schooling to complete secondary education. Delivered within a supportive and individually focused context, the Alta-1 programme incorporates a mix of both school and TAFE equivalent components.

See us on Sunday or click here to contact the office to get involved.

From one of our students

I enrolled at Alta-1 while I was in an abusive relationship which mirrored my destructive past and had lead to heavy drug addiction and disconnection.  I had no hope for the future, in fact I had no vision whatsoever. I remember feeling nothing but sadness, shame and emptiness. I had literally hit the self-destruct button, without realising. After attending over 16 different schools throughout my life I had never had a stable education, or community to turn to in times of need. My Mother was in bed majority of my childhood, my Dad was in and out of my life, siblings in another city and no other family, I became depressed. As a little girl I was exposed to sexual and emotional abuse, my Mother attempting suicide and being admitted to hospital, left me with next to no family. When I began at Alta I was 15,renting in a home my Dad owned, feeding and caring for myself on a minimal income. Alta- 1 taught me the practical skills I needed to endure this time in my life . I also was blessed with people who looked out for me, who always went the extra mile to talk with me, motivate me and make sure I was ok. The personal recovery program was probably the most beneficial part of the course for me although, it opened the wounds of the past, it began an invigorating journey of self-awareness and recovery that I am still travelling on today. I fell pregnant late 2014 and went on to graduate year 11 but I needed to be in Perth to complete year 12 and had nowhere to live. A beautiful family from church took my pregnant self in and supported me while I worked towards completing my certificate. After having my daughter I still had 180 hours of work experience to finish and a newborn baby added to the mix, the church was amazingly helpful and flexible, offering me to complete these hours in their reception. I went on to graduate year 12 receiving the dux award and  was accepted into ECU. I now think of Cornerstone as a place of acceptance and trust, a place of God. It took me a long time to accept the kindness and love that was so freely offered because my experience with people in the past was rarely positive. But I can truly say these were the people who were there for me to pick up the pieces when times were especially rough. I believe if I wasn’t directed towards Alta-1 I would not have become the person I am today, who is constantly trying to be the best version of myself, determined to overcome my past experiences and create the most wonderful life possible for my daughter and I. I thank everyone who has helped me through this journey and still do so, it has changed my life in the best way possible.


Food Relief

Community care has the ability to assist people requiring food in emergency situations on a limited availability basis. Those assisting in the program can also provide information and referrals for other support. As the capacity of community care grows, so too will the ability of this program to provide for more people. 

You can get on board by contributing with non-perishable items including toiletries or cleaning supplies and volunteering time to make and deliver hampers. Check with our Community Care team by emailing here to see where you can get involved.

If you need or know someone who is in need of assistance we would love to help if we can. Currently referrals can be taken any time Tuesday to Friday by calling the office on 93010177. 

First HOme Project

Some times we all just need a hand up. We all need welcome and belonging We believe community is about being there for others when the need arises. 

Can you Contribute? If you can cook, clean or care, maybe you have some skills or special ability that might be needed? Consider having your name and details added to the database to be called on from time to time to assist.

Email the team here.

This is where community begins.

COmmunity partnerships and projects

We believe that as the church, we can be stronger together, and as such we love to work with other churches, agencies and organisations to see our community change for the better. One example of this is the hosting of the Joondalup Christmas Lunch; funded and supported by various local government, churches and local businesses; the lunch held in the park each Christmas offers a chance to connect and enjoy Christmas Day for those otherwise disadvantaged or disconnected. As volunteers we have the privilege of being a part of celebrating Christmas and offering connection to some of our cities most vulnerable individuals.

Opportunities exist to support other community initiatives and we currently participate in local networks and action groups to facilitate social change in the city of Joondalup.