sundays @ Sanctuary

As a new little community, we love to have people participate with us, whoever, from where ever in life you may walk in from, you are welcome. We gather as a group of those who have tried to follow Jesus, those who have failed in following Jesus and those who are just wondering whether they will decide to follow Jesus. On days we feel we have a lot of faith and days we are not sure if we even have a little. As wanderers and wondering, commited and critical. What ever your age, race, status, gender, orientation or political pursuasion, you can belong here. 

We gather at 10 (kids sign in from 9:45) on Sundays and you can expect a casual, comfortable environment, family friendly facilities and food and refreshments after the program. Each week we pray and learn together from scripture in a 1.5 hour program that starts with songs of worship and finishes each week by coming to the table (communion).  

  Children from crawling to 11 join us for songs and then go across to our childrens hall to participate in fun and inspiring kids church programs. Parents of babies will find facilities including a feeding and changing quiet room incorporated within the sanctuary space. 

Parking is available right outside, or we are a short walk from Joondalup Trainstation. Our ushers will be available at the door to show you around, welcome and assist you to find seating. 

We would love to meet you and get to know you after the service, and there are opportunities to connect, sign up for courses and programs and find out more about what the church can offer.

Find us at 3 Lago place Joondalup (click the places icon below for direct link).

Parking available at the door.