There is good news for everyone, and we believe our role as the church is to be part of that good news story, a vehicle for transformation that is a light in our hurting world. Everyone needs a hand up at some point, and we know that that can look different for every different situation and person. We work with other local agencies to be part of the safety net, and aim to fill in where a possible gap exists. Our vision is for you to find health and wholeness, support and belonging, and in turn be able to be a person who shares that with someone else who needs it. This is the Kingdom being realised because we are all are loved, and we all have a purpose.

If you are looking for someone who cares, we would love the opportunity to connect and support you where possible, up to and including emergency food relief, practical assistance, counselling, courses, support and connect groups and referral support.

Contact us here Tuesday to Friday